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Engage in a variety of hands-on learning experiences that promote a deep understanding of the importance of developing a positive culture in the workplace. Skills such as Leaderships, Teamwork and time management as well as clear and concise business communication are a necessity and a core for organizations. Equip your employees with practical strategies that they can use in their workplace to develop a purposeful, positive work culture, initiate and manage change, and choose the right focus for their improvement initiatives. Skills developed through different workshops will help your employees increase productivity, resolve issues, avoid errors, and heighten credibility. Riverton utilises different types of activities that will meet the needs of participants with different learning styles and will provide a complete learning experience. The different styles will include:

Reflecting on Experience – These activities are used to capture the motivation, imagination and energy of participants which encourages participants to look back on their own personal or professional behaviour in a way that prepares them for new learning and change.

Assimilating and Conceptualizing – These activities are used to provide participants with new information which provides outside information in the form of theories, data and facts, it also encourages participants to apply concepts to their own lives.

Experimenting and Practicing - These activities encourage participants to use knowledge in a practical way which provides an opportunity for participants to practice and involve themselves in new behaviours and skills in a safe environment in which to try out new things before putting them into practice in their workplace.

Planning for Application – These activities provide a stimulus for implementing and utilizing new learning outside the workshop context which will prepare participants for and increase the likelihood of transfer of learning.

Academic Skills - The workshop will cover time management, academic writing, critical thinking and assessment support skills.

Computer Skills - The workshop will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other commonly used software support.

Research Skills - The workshop concentrates on different styles of referencing and research methodologies.

English Support - The workshop teaches different techniques of report and letter writing including generic business writing skills.

Business Communication Skills - This workshop concentrates on improving your confidence and effectiveness when communicating with others at business level.

Customer Service Skills - This workshop gives you the right skills and techniques required to provide excellent customer service to a multi-cultural customer base.

Workshop Prices - Our initial workshop are from $200 per person and are conducted on a quarterly basis.

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