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English for Academic Purpose (EAP)


Our EAP course prepares students for all the possible language challenges they will experience in a university or college environment

Course Overview

This course is designed to improve students' academic English to meet the English proficiency level for Riverton's VET course entry requirements. Our EAP course prepares students for all the possible language challenges they will experience in a university or college, this course develops academic language as well as study and research skills. We thoroughly train our students in the challenging skills of writing essays in English, giving presentations in English and understanding the expectations of an English-speaking college or university. It is carefully designed to cover the macro-skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing as well as grammar and pronunciation practice. Students will progress through this course in a supported and enjoyable environment. The emphasis of most of our lessons at this level is giving students opportunity to practice what is taught through the use of practice-based learning activities, which are based on weekly themes and topics. These provide a framework around which vocabulary building and the development of the macro skills are practiced which makes it both interesting and productive for students.


In this course students will learn to recognize the common structures of reading materials and increase their knowledge of effective listening strategies while producing summaries and essays. Students will deepen their understanding of essential grammar and sentence structures and increase their vocabulary.

Learning Outcome

• Demonstrate comprehension of academic reading/listening materials through summarization and paraphrasing. • Identify common patterns in academic reading and listening materials. • Utilize helpful listening strategies. • Analyse and apply proper English sentence structures and grammar. • Reveal a logical understanding of opposing viewpoints of current events. • Employ strategies to write academic essays: point/counterpoint & opinion • Employ strategies to increase academic vocabulary.

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